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An overview of our products and services.

Do you have questions, or do you want to elaborate on our renewal for the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe, respectively? 

Maybe you are in doubt about how much a kitchen renovation is going to cost you, or maybe you have questions about a few specific kitchen doors? Then you are more than welcome to contact us.



If you are looking for new and modern fixtures for bathrooms or kitchens, then ReKitchen has what you are looking for. Maybe you are in the process of a kitchen renovation, or maybe your bathroom needs a new look in the form of fixtures? The faucet has changed from being a product that was part of the sink - to today appearing in all possible designs and colors.


"The handle is the most important thing on the door" In addition to our standard handle, Rekitchen collaborates with Denmark's leading handle supplier within design Handles. Click on the link and get inspired. On their page there is a "Virtual showroom" where you can switch between all the beautiful designed handles and from here decide which one suits your kitchen. 

The right grip can make the difference in whether the kitchen or bathroom achieves the style and design you have dreamed of.

Get your dreams going,

tell us about your project.

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