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More about Rekitchen

ReKitchen is the chain that wants to focus on sustainability, for example by reusing yours

body, countertops, appliances, thus saving the environment a lot of resources.

Never before have so many new kitchens been sold in Europe, throughout the World for that matter.

Then we can together - save a little wood / iron / plastic by not producing for example a new body -

Then there is Win Win for nature. 

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Our goal.

We have three parameters  

1. Quality. - We only use supplier who produces According to the latest EU directives.

2. Delivery security.  - It is crucial that goods are delivered on time.

3. The price. - Secures the goods at the right price.



We would like to draw your brand new kitchen, In our photorealistic Drawing program

if you want it.



We love to assemble kitchens, and would rather assemble your new kitchen, new fronts or countertops.

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Service agreement

Rekitchen offers, as something completely new, a service agreement that maintains your furniture year after year after year.  

Write and hear more at:

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For free


We would like to visit you in your home,  but you are also welcome to send pictures of your project and we prepare a price estimate:

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Our Values

  We must behave properly towards both customers and suppliers

We need to think quality throughout the process.

We have to have fun

We must help each other big and small

Renew your kitchen in a sustainable way
Share your dreams with us

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