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Get our beautiful trailers to visit


Permanent Exhibition all year round:

(except between Christmas and New Year)

The house Middelfart:

(Construction center)

All days of the week from kl. 10-17.00

With the latest X-TEX painted fronts.

Remember: Big "Build and Live Better Fair" 06-07 November

2021 from 10-17.00

We exhibit with Vogne:


Carriage 01

Week 35 - Superbrugsen - Vindinggaard Center - 7100 Vejle

Week 36 - Kvickly - Rådhuspassagen - 6600 Vejen

Week 37 - Superbrugsen - Strib - 5500 Middelfart

Week 38 - Superbrugsen - Nørre Aaby - 5580 Nørre Aaby

Week 39 - Dagli Brugsen - Vissenbjerg - 5492 Vissenbjerg

Always open exhibition Wednesday and Thursday from kl. 11-14.00

Or by appointment. Kim +45 27 374 445

Carriage 02

Week  - Vindinggård Centret - Vejle

Week  - Rema1000 - Bredballe Center - Vejle  


Always open exhibition Thursday and Friday from  at 11-14.00

Or by appointment. Thomas +45 20 297 908

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To the business owner / Store Manager

If there is a lack of life outside your business, get our beautiful trailers to visit.

We can exhibit everywhere as we have a trailer that can be driven quickly from place to place. Do you have a Brugs, Føtex, Rema1000, Meny or a whole third store - Then we are happy to come by and exhibit.

We behave nicely and greet people, and do not start offending people. We never trade with the customer on the spot, we can only do so once we have visited the customer - which is always non-binding.

Call exhibition manager: Kim Kristensen +45 27 374 445

Do you want advice at home by yourself?

Then you can - completely free of charge - get an adviser out to you. When an advisor  come out to you, they visit the kitchen, bath or whatever needs to be renovated, and then they calculate a price.


In addition, of course, they also measure either the kitchen or the bathroom, and at the same time also prepare a work plan that matches your requirements and needs.

Then you are sure that you will get a new kitchen or bath that you are happy with, and we are sure that we will leave a renovation work that we can be proud of.  


Do you have questions about our renovation, materials or products?


Then finally call us on +45 52 300 850 . Then we do our best to answer you questions, and advise you through the process.

Avoid buying, using, throwing away the culture 

Why remove the foundation when we can renovate kitchen or bath?

You may be wondering why we do not tear down the entire kitchen when we do a kitchen renovation in your home, but there is actually a good reason for that.

Often, it is not the entire kitchen environment or the bathroom environment that is actually worn out. Often, only the exterior, such as doors, countertops, sinks, fixtures and sliding doors, wear out over time when used. The outer parts are in fact receivers for far more dirt and more blows than the foundation itself. Therefore, a single replacement of the exterior materials can change your entire kitchen or bath.

Another good reason why we do not tear down the whole kitchen or bath when we renovate, it is much cheaper for you to just pay for the renovation of kitchen doors or fixtures. That way you also avoid participating in  buy, use, throw away the culture  - why throw out something that still works as it should?

With the renovation of the kitchen as well as the renovation of the bathroom and wardrobe from ReKitchen, you get a completely new look and look on the outside - however, to pay the high price. 

skals efter.jpg

If you order advice at home, the first step is for us to come out and visit you, and make very clear agreements about your wishes and needs. (Don't worry - we do not have a trailer)


Here we are also talking about the scope of the task, as well as what materials and colors you want for, for example, your kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation.

Are you in doubt about what you want made?

  1. Then we will advise you and come up with good ideas for where your new kitchen or bathroom can look like. Our consultants have extensive experience and expertise in the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, and can therefore come up with qualified suggestions on what your renovation should look like.

  2. The next step is that we measure the kitchen or bathroom where the renovation is to be carried out, make a clear work plan, and calculate a price that depends on the scope of the task and the choice of material. Then you get time to think through our offer - here it is of course both possible to say yes or no, and the offer is certainly not binding.

  3. Third step is the delivery and installation of your materials for your new kitchen or bath. Here we have agreed in advance on a day for delivery and installation. If you just need to install new doors, worktops, sinks, fixtures or sliding doors, we can do it in one day. 

This is how it goes when you are a customer of ReKitchen

Do you have further questions?

Call us today!


Do you have further questions about our renovation of kitchen, bath or wardrobe?

Then finally do not hold back.

We are ready every day and are ready to guide and advise you.  


Simply call +45 52 300 850 .

If you would rather contact us by email, you can do this at .

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