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At ReKitchen, we naturally work with good quality materials. This means that most of our materials are durable , robust and long-lasting.

That way, you also avoid renovating the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe in the near future, after you have been a customer with us.  

In addition, we also promise quality in both delivery and assembly .
Of course, we make sure to deliver undamaged material to you, while of course we install your new kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe.  

A team of experts

We are a whole team of experts, and when we assemble and renovate your home, you can therefore also expect that you get quality for the money all the way.

If at any time in doubt, you will of course have an advisor available who can provide you with high quality advice and sparring throughout the process. 

If you have further questions about the quality of material or ReKitchen in general, you can call us on +45 52 300 850 every day or contact us by email at , where we will answer you within one or two days.


The quality of our materials

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