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If you are looking for new and modern fixtures for bathrooms or kitchens, then ReKitchen has what you are looking for. Maybe you are in the process of a kitchen renovation, or maybe your bathroom needs a new look in the form of fixtures?

At ReKitchen, we have many different models of luminaires - in steel, chrome and in colored. New fixtures in either the kitchen or bathroom can give a boost to the entire room's design and make it more modern.

Maybe you are in the process of the major kitchen renovation or renovation of the bathroom, and then you also need a new sink that matches with your new faucet?

Then ReKitchen also has a wide selection of  wash in different materials . With small changes such as a new faucet and a new sink, you can make a renovation of a kitchen, utility room or bath cheap.  

In connection with a renovation of the kitchen or renovation of the bathroom, we will of course come out and install your new luminaires.

Are you interested in knowing more about how much it is going to cost you?

Then you can either contact us or check out our price examples .

And of course you are always welcome to contact us regarding. questions about which luminaire you should have:  +45 52 300 850 - we are ready to answer all your questions.

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Boiling faucets

ReKitchen also advises on Quooker. Ouooker the boiling faucet is gradually like a dishwasher, not to be dispensed with!


In addition to Quooker, we have many different fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens in different designs, so there is something for everyone. If you love the streamlined and minimalist look, we have fixtures for just this, or if you love a more romantic and timeless look, then you should not go home empty-handed either. No matter what style you have at home, ReKitchen has the right luminaires for you.  


Call us and get an advisor out to you, 

so we can help you in the best possible way.

Tel:  +45 52 300 850

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ReKitchen has many different models of fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens. Do you need steel,  colored fixtures that come in silver, black, copper and gold.

The colored fixtures can be used to create eye-catchers and a more personal style in the kitchen or bathroom. 

A replacement of kitchen doors under one  kitchen renovation goes a long way, and often it can be enough to make your old kitchen look like new. 


Luminaires in steel

All our fixtures for bathroom or kitchen in steel are of course stainless and durable. Therefore, you can be sure that they last really long.


The luminaires come with different surfaces, and therefore you can find both shiny luminaires and matte luminaires.  

A steel fixture is always a safe and classic choice, and they fit into most kitchens or bathrooms.

They are designed in classic and timeless designs.

In addition, they are easy to clean, which is why steel fixtures are also a true classic in many homes.

Colored luminaires

If you want to add a personal touch to your kitchen or bath, then you should choose a faucet with color.


At ReKitchen, we sell luminaires in silver, black, copper and gold in connection with a renovation of a kitchen or bath.  


Our beautiful gold luminaires for the bathroom or kitchen give a feeling of luxury and well-being and fit perfectly into the modern, feminine bathroom or kitchen.


Copper fixtures give the same feeling and go really well for kitchens or bathrooms with green elements. 

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Armaturer i sort.jpg

Colored luminaires in black or silver

Bathroom or kitchen fixtures in silver or black create a more minimalist, masculine and modern look and fit well into most kitchens and bathrooms.


All luminaires are available with shiny, brushed and matte surfaces, all of which create a different look. 

Our Supplier of Luminaire


Do you have further questions about our luminaires or renovation? Call us today!


Do you have further questions about our fixtures for bathroom or kitchen or renovation work?

Are you in doubt about which fixture we would recommend for your kitchen or bath? Then finally do not hold back!

We are ready to advise you and answer all your questions.


You can call us on +45 52 300 850  or write an email to , where we strive to respond as quickly as possible.

Are you in the process of a major kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, and do you need advice along the way throughout the process?


Then our advisers are ready to guide you all the way. We are also happy to come out to you and visit the renovation project - completely free .  


That way, we are sure to avoid misunderstandings, and we deliver and assemble a piece of work that both parties can be completely satisfied with.


New: Minicooler for the kitchen

  • Minincooler has created a world novelty for the company's kitchenettes and for private homes.

  • MiniCooler is a small box that makes cold water, is placed under the sink and connected to a tap in the kitchen table.

  • MiniCooler is the market's smallest built-in cooler and is therefore easy to adapt to any kitchen.

  • MiniCooler measures only 19.5x35x39 high and cools 30 liters of cold water per hour.

  • And a very low power consumption makes the MiniCooler an environmentally conscious alternative.

  • MiniCooler is also delivered with Danish water directly from the tap - MiniCooler Soda .

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