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Recycle nature and the good materials 


Recycle nature and the good materials 

At ReKitchen, we focus on reusing old materials when you do a renovation of the kitchen, renovation of the bathroom or wardrobe, and therefore we also make a virtue out of only renovating what needs to be renovated.


It also means we stay far away from buying, using and throwing away. On the other hand, we work with purchase, use and recycling - also when we do kitchen renovations or renovate bathrooms or wardrobes with you.


This simply means that we leave the foundation and skeleton of the old kitchen, bath or wardrobe standing and update all surfaces such as worktops , kitchen doors , fixtures  and more so you can once again have a kitchen or bath that looks modern and new.

That way, you get a brand new and modern kitchen or bathroom without paying nearly as much as if the entire foundation were to be torn down.  


In addition, we also use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, all of which are durable and incredibly durable, so you are sure to have a nice and new kitchen or bath for a long time. 

The good materials for renovation

of kitchen, bath or wardrobe

At ReKitchen, we have also thought about the use of materials, and therefore you can also find environmentally conscious choices when, for example, you need new kitchen doors.


Did you know, for example, that linoleum is a very sustainable material? 

Linoleum is made from natural ingredients, including linseed oil, resin, wood flour and color pigments, all of which are environmentally friendly.


In addition, the production of linoleum emits less CO2 than it absorbs, and it is therefore CO2-neutral.

But linoleum is not the only durable and recyclable material that we use here at ReKitchen.

When you order, for example  kitchen doors in foil , you buy kitchen doors where the foil is made of PVC. 

PVC is one of the most recyclable materials that can often be remelted and recycled without compromising on durability or quality.


In addition to this, PVC is also an incredibly durable material, and therefore you are sure that it lasts a long time without much maintenance.

And just durable and robust materials we also do a lot in when we renovate the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe.


We also sell materials in both laminate and veneer, both of which are resistant and easy to maintain and clean.


That way, you avoid a right-here-and-now purchase, but instead get a kitchen renovation or renovation of a bathroom or wardrobe that will last well into the future. 

Do you have questions about materials or renovation of kitchen, bath or wardrobe?  


Do you have questions about our use of material, or maybe you need advice for a renovation project?

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