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Hvor meget CO2 kan jeg spare naturen for?

ReKitchen is environmentally conscious in the sense that we do not renovate just to renovate.

We keep a lot of the old skeleton or foundation when we do kitchen renovations  or renovation of bathroom and wardrobe.

Often, older kitchens are especially very durable and solid, and therefore there is no reason to renovate the entire foundation.

This means that we only renovate parts such as table tops , fittings, sinks and doors . That way, you keep the old foundation, which is still in good shape and therefore does not need renovation, while your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe gets a new exterior.  

It is both cheaper for you, and then it is also far more environmentally conscious.

At ReKitchen, we do not want to be part of the buy, use and throw away culture!


In addition, we use materials that are better for nature. For example, recyclable PVC and linoleum , which absorb more CO2 than they emit, and are therefore CO2-neutral


We at ReKitchen are therefore both environmentally conscious in the way we renovate and in relation to which products we use.

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