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Franchise Dealer

Rekitchen Looking for dealers in Denmark.

Zealand and Central Jutland, North Jutland.

With Rekitchen, we have created a Chain that will eventually establish itself in the Rest of Europe. We have ambitions and you must have that too, you must be able to see yourself hiring advisers and have an understanding of management.  

So you are already going and considering a dealer district in Germany or England, Sweden - So do not hesitate to contact us. We expect to enter those markets as early as 2022/23.  

We want the right candidate and are willing to wait for the Best Dealer, with a focus on becoming independent.

"As a dealer, you become a co-owner of Rekitchen A / S"

In this way, you help to be self-determining under the chain's rules.

We want to appear as a proper company for customers, suppliers and dealers. We have 6 different committees and we hope you will join some of the committees, because this is where the decisions must be made.  In this way, we try to develop the chain and thus secure the future of Rekitchen.  


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"Skilled and happy dealers, equal success for all"

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At Rekitchen, we want a long-term collaboration, which is why you, as something completely unique, become a co-owner of Rekitchen A / S. That is, when you buy a share, you get 5% co-ownership of Rekitchen A / S. And thus a possible Value increase will benefit you as a self-employed person in the long run.

We have no shops, ie you have to run it all from a warehouse / in your local area. Relatively small cost and no store opening hours!

Kitchen experience will be an advantage, but we provide a thorough and helpful training. We have project managers in place who review drawings, order confirmations and thus minimize errors. 

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If you have questions about what it is like to be a dealer in Rekitchen, or are you looking for a job as an Advisor / Seller - please call or write.

We can always use the right advisors.

Can you see yourself saying "yes thank you" to the following:

1. No business opening hours.

2. Freedom - control your own day.

Thorough and exciting training.

4. Honesty (open by the book - principle)

5. Commission without ceiling.

6. Development

We have humor in Rekitchen and run it based on Danish principles of openness, honesty and we want to treat other people properly.

Remember there are no stupid questions - only stupid answers.

Call us on +45 52 300 850 , or send an email to .


Do you have further questions?
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