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Kitchen renovation

Our kitchen renovation is, in short, a renovation of your entire kitchen - depending on the needs and wishes of the customer, of course.

When we renovate a kitchen, we go to great lengths to move away from buying, using and throwing out.


That is why we often renovate kitchen doors, spice shelves, kitchen drawers, display cabinets and more. We also like to put raised doors in your old kitchen to create more space and space.

That way, you can renew your kitchen without it having to cost a fortune - and without having to tear down your entire kitchen. Often the 'skeleton' of old kitchens holds up better than new ones, and therefore it does not always make sense to tear down an entire kitchen when there are so many options for different and modern kitchen renovations.

Here we can both suggest major and minor renovations of your old kitchen, and we will of course advise you all the way. 

Renovation of kitchen doors

Maybe your kitchen is not near as old, or maybe you just need new kitchen doors to give new life to your kitchen?


Then we also renovate yours  kitchen doors . Kitchen doors are often the modules in the kitchen that are worn the fastest either by damage or stubborn dirt.


A nice renovation of your kitchen doors can therefore feel like getting a brand new kitchen. 

Renovation of bathroom

Are your external bathroom modules worn or do they not fit into your personal style? Then there is also help to pick up at ReKitchen.


We also perform beautiful and modern renovations of bathrooms according to your wishes and needs. 

Renewal of sinks and countertops for bathroom and kitchen

Last but not least, we also manage the renewal of sinks , fittings  and countertops , whether they are sinks, fixtures or countertops for the bathroom, utility room or kitchen.


Here we work with modern and solid table tops, sinks and fittings, where you can choose many different designs - then it is always easy to find something that matches your style.


Let's talk about your next project

Fill out the contact form or call us and we will be ready to help, guide and advise. 
And we are happy to come to your home for free.

Right now we cover the following areas:

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