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Get visits and get help to make the best solutions

 When you need a kitchen renovation or bathroom or wardrobe renovation, it can often be difficult to know where to start or end.


What material do you need, what colors do you want, how much needs to be renovated and many other speculations that have probably been up for grabs.


Does it all seem a little confusing?

Then you can happily get help from our team of advisors at ReKitchen.  

Our  advisors  is ready to help you and understands that it can be a difficult choice to choose both materials and colors when you need a kitchen and bathroom renovation.


That's why our team of consultants are also experts in finding materials and colors that suit your requirements and desires. 

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Our advisors are experts in good solutions

At ReKitchen, you easily and quickly get a new facade in the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe.


Our advisors guide you all the way and also come up with the best solutions for you.


We have a team of consultants who are experts in kitchen renovation and renovation of bathrooms and wardrobes, and therefore you can also count on us to be able to find a solution that suits you.

At ReKitchen, we see clear benefits in going out to visit you.

In this way, we can best get an overview of the scope of the task.


In addition, it is nice for us to meet our customers face to face - that way we are also sure that we avoid any misunderstandings that can often arise over writing or telephone. 

This is how a free consultation takes place

  1. At ReKitchen, we offer that you can get an adviser at your address for free. Here, the advisor will visit what needs to be renovated, take measurements and in addition talk to you about your wishes and needs.

  2. Our advisors will of course guide you through the entire process, and you will always be in contact with the same adviser during the entire renovation of the kitchen, renovation of the bathroom or wardrobe.

  3. Here it will also be possible to see samples of different colors and materials, so you can better get a sense of what your new kitchen, bath or wardrobe will look like after a renovation.  

  4. When the meeting at your home is over, our advisor prepares a work plan and finds a price and a completely non-binding offer.
    Then the choice is entirely up to you.
    If you say yes to the offer, we can start on the day that suits you best and we have the materials ready.

  5. Often we are done already on the day itself, as we only renovate the external appearance when it comes to kitchen renovation or bathroom or wardrobe renovation.

That is, we do renovation of  kitchen doors , fixtures  for bathroom and kitchen , countertops for bathroom and kitchen  with more, but leaves the old foundation standing.

That way you can achieve a nice and new kitchen that is quick to assemble and that does not cost nearly as much as a brand new kitchen where the old kitchen is demolished.


Therefore, it is a cheap renovation of kitchen, bath and wardrobe. If you want to read more about kitchen prices or the price of renovating the bathroom and wardrobe, you can find  price examples  from previous cases. 

Once our advisors have done all the basic work, we can embark on your kitchen renovation or bathroom or wardrobe renovation.


During the entire process, you will of course have the opportunity to contact the same consultant, so you will be taken by the hand during the entire renovation. 

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Do you have further questions about kitchen renovation or bathroom or wardrobe renovation?

Do you have questions for our advisors or advice? Or maybe you have extra questions about our materials or products? So finally do not hesitate.

We are ready to guide you through the process, and we know that it can be difficult to choose material and color for kitchen renovation or bathroom or wardrobe renovation.

At ReKitchen, we are ready to advise you by phone or email. Call us on +45 52 300 850 every day, or send an email to .

We strive to respond to emails within one to two business days. 

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