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Renovation of your Kitchen


The Before and After concept at ReKitchen is about renovating the kitchen and bathroom as well as the wardrobe.

We do not tear down your entire kitchen or bath, but instead give life to the old corpses / cabinets by changing all the visible fronts.

That way, it's also an environmentally friendly way to get a brand new kitchen or fixture. By only upcycling the worn, old parts of your kitchen, and preserving the rest, you avoid spending resources on unnecessary replacements, and in that way it is a more environmentally friendly renovation.

This way you do not wear out on nature, and our renovations are therefore also a sustainable and sustainable solution in the long run.  


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Do you have further questions?

Call us today!


Do you have further questions about our renovation of kitchen, bath or wardrobe?

Then finally do not hold back.

We are ready every day and are ready to guide and advise you.  


Simply call +45 52 300 850 .

If you would rather contact us by email, you can do this at .

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